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Which Web Servers – Tiny Guide to NginX, LiteSpeed, Apache, Varnish

While searching around for a new hosting company to host my sites I cam across this document which took my interest in the Webserver Technologies area.

Not all hosts are the same – even within the same hosting company you will find that one server performs better than the other. There are many factors to analyse in order to come up with a distinct study between which is better. Frankly, in a perfect world all are equal. But when we factor many things into the equation things change.

This document is a very basic guide to the differences between “some” of the web hosting server types used in the industry. There are more of course but these are the common ones I know that are widely used.

I must be really interested in all this server technologies. I have come across so much that I am now wondering what of the following is the “better” server set up:

“NginX Accelerated, Varnished, Apache”


Just plain Apache in whatever form…


LiteSpeed Web Server

Looks like every host has their own determination and justification for what’s better. I am now very CONFUSED. I think web server technology used is as if not more important than server HARDWARE, don’t y’all think ?

I guess what exact set up or tweaked form of web server implementation a host uses, will remain their secret…


(ref: http://www.inetu.net/about/server-sm…right-for-your)

NGINX Web Server

Nginx’s main strengths include serving up static web pages quickly, and light consumption of memory and hardware resources.
Simple and lightweight, and to require fewer hardware resources than other web servers. It does this in part by using an event-based processing model, which generally requires less memory than a process-based server uses. Because of this design, Nginx is fast at serving static web pages. If a website is receiving large amounts of concurrent hits that are seeking static pages, Nginx’s design has an advantage at keeping up without overly taxing server hardware.

APACHE Web Server

Apache is the established and versatile workhorse, with abundant module availability and documentation.
-process-based processing model Apache uses, it consumes more memory under high server loads, which can result in degraded performance
(although the recent Apache 2.4 release promises improvements in speed and caching).

VARNISH Web Server

“Varnish cache stops your webserver having to do the same things over and over again by caching a copy of the dynamic content generated in the last 120 seconds and serving them directly from memory, so that turn around times are greatly reduced, whilst decreasing the number of apache processes required, which keeps the machine from getting too busy. Now that apache does not have to handle static content (thanks to NGINX), or generate the same pages time and time again (thanks to Varnish), when your site so goes viral, it will stay up and stay responsive.”

–> Apache webserver (dynamic processing)
–> NGINX webserver (static file serving)
–> Varnish cache (caching a copy of dynamic content from the last 120 sec, serving it directly from memory)

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