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How to Lock Down Your WHM

whm I was searching and trying to keep out unwanted visitors to my WHM backend of CPANEL admin panel. Here is a solution that I think you might be very interested to implement.

I really don’t understand why “people” would go to all extend and try to break in to a site that is really not going to benefit them one bit. It’s a waste of time for them and a waste of time for me.

Anyway, for folks who own a WHM CPanel here is what you can do to block unwanted visitors. This is only available if you’re got root access. So a reseller account may not have this feature because it involves controlling ever website served on that server.

If you have a VPS it should work.

Login to your WHM and head down to Host Access Control Area.

The settings are fairly easy to add.

Enter the following code to your Host Access Coontrol:

Daemon Access List Action Comment
whostmgrd YourIP allow Comment
whostmgrd all deny Comment

Here’s an example – click the image to enlarge

WebHost Manager – ata


Make sure the ALLOW entries are above or come before the DENY entries.

If you’ve locked yourself out of your own WHM then there is a solution for this too.

These entries are written to your server at the following location:

If you need to enter a range of IPs like – then an entry like this will be needed

Hey, I hope this helps out and keeps out the “intrusive bugs”.

Have fun!